Hot to [Fox]trot!

November 19, 2007

So I’ve just returned from a beacoup exciting trip to Portland, Oregon to see one of my favorite bands, Cold War Kids. Just so you know, they were FANTASTIC. An absolute must-see/hear.

But while I was in Portland (PDX, as the kids say…) I was absolutely humbled by the street fashion there. It ranged from Chan Marshall-esque folk vintage to absolutely Beckham-chic. I, personally, can’t pull off the folky-vintage romance, but the Upper Manhattan housewife look, I adore. Unfortunately, my balance sheets feel differently.

My beautiful friends over at FlyJane feel my pain. They’re one of my FAVORITE resources for “OMG looks exactly like enter gorgeous designer here‘s pumps!” at absolutely eye-gouging low prices. Let me illustrate…

This is Christian Louboutin’s newest hot-shoe in Hollywood/NYC/everywhere, the FoxTrot:

Foxy as hell, right? Right. Christian Louboutin is, and will be forever notorious for the hottest shoes… Whew. So hot. And so is my accountant after I spend $710 on them. *choke!*

Alright, so you’ve seen the original, check out FlyJane’s shoe:
Um, spitting image, n’est-ce pas? I know, there are some bargain-haters out there that’d get all bent out of shape because “omg it’s a knock off. they’re stealing, omg.” Well, guess what – style isn’t about the brand that’s on the shoe, it’s about the look you’re projecting and how it makes you feel. So if that’s your outlook – “you should check yourself, forced ye wreck yourself”, as my Mooninite friends like to say. 😉 And the damage on these shoes? $42.90. Pick up your jaws, girls… Because they come in silver, too.

It gives me such great little chills when I get compliments on my shoes… And I get to say “Yeah, $43, sugar. Eat ya’ heart out.”

Go check these shoes out at FlyJane! I just peeped their site this morning (it’s a Monday ritual) and they’ve got a boatload of new shoes in! So go see! Git!



Lookbook Ripoff! #1

November 13, 2007

Lookbook Ripoff is where I dig some faboo outfit out of some EXTREMELY expensive boutique, and copy it for super-duper less money. There’s no reason you can’t get the hottest looks for less. Damnit!

Today’s look comes from

Beautiful, right? Well, it’d better be for a collective credit card payment of $1,863!!!
OUT. RAGEOUS. For an outfit so simple, we should be able to whip up a doppelganger in no time.

Let’s start out with the allegedly $110 grey shirt. Let’s try this one instead:

This shirt is all about flowy-ness, so you may want to order a size up for sheer tunic-y-ness. My deepest apologies for the abuse of hyphens in this description. You can find this shirt for a whopping $13.80 at Forever21. Steal!

So instead of $158 J Brand black pants, how about some o’ this…:

While the pants from the lookbook might be courderoy, these slim knit pants from Forever21 will set you back only $24.80. They’ll fit super-snug into those hot boots and show of your glorious gams.

Okay, it’s the moment of truth – let’s find some boots that DON’T cost us $679… Hopefully, that won’t be too hard at all:

These hot puppies have a bit of a thinner heel, but the height on the upper will give that sleek, slightly equestrian look that’s so lush and classy. AND – instead of paying that huge, bold number up there, try only spending $30.99 at GoJane. A little less heartbreaking, right?


Bag & Accessories = $1000+. RIDICULOUS. Absolutely ridiculous. Try:

The BAG (previously $409):

Forever21; $10.80

The necklace(s) (previously $200+):

Lulu’s Fashion Lounge, $11.00
Bracelet(s) (previously $250+):

Lulu’s Fashion Lounge, 9.00

So there we have it. We’ve efficiently created a hot look from a designer lookbook. Let’s check out the price difference…

H&C RIPOFF: $100.89

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE designer stuff… but as a lowly student/blogger/photographer/newspaper editor – I just can’t do it. Does that mean I’m going to walk around in my PJs until I hit it big? NO! It means that I will CHEAT and FAKE IT until I’m super famous and fabulous enough to afford everything. 😉


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Some Inspiration!

November 5, 2007

Look how BEAUTIFUL this is! 1917 fashion show… Just gorgeous!

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OMG – Christmas is Coming!

October 30, 2007

My dear friends over at Spoiled Pretty have discovered the ultimate Christmas present – on your face, of your face, for your face. Lots of face – and the price will make you smile!

And that got me thinking… It’s October 30th. One more day of this month, then it’s full-blast into November. Then… once November’s over… OH MY PEAS, IT’S CHRISTMAS.

Gifts, gifts, gifts – what an addictive game Christmas is. I love giving, like the good girl I am… But I LOVE GETTING, too… Like the good diva inside me, who’s fully healthy, as well. But the latter is for later. Usually, I make things for acquaintances [stories for another post], but I’ll buy things for the Mama, the Daddy, the siblings and BFFs. I suppose the ol’ boyfriend could use some Christmas cheer, too. Right now, I’m digging up some of the best gifts to give your friends and family while keeping the shiny dimes shiny.

Urban Outfitters has some GREAT gifts – but they get a little pricey. Here’s one of their more reasonable choices:

This is the cutest necklace – great for mom, or a sister. The little note inside says “I love you” and it’s a beautiful brassy gold. $24.00

One of my “Secret Weapons” when it comes to gift-giving is… (I’m nervous to release it to the world!)… It’s FULL (literally) of homemade gifts, clothing, accessories, and fun stuff. One of the BEST parts is that all the money goes to the makers – not the website. The artists and geniuses that make the products pay a small fee to list their stuff, then they get all the money from the sale and shipping – straight from the consumer. No corporations, no tax-fiends, no sweatshops… It’s like double-giving! Here are some of my gifty faves:

Okay, I saw this umbrella and FELL. IN. LOVE. Who doesn’t want a scarlet red umbrella? Got a fashionable friend/sister who lives in, perhaps, MY rainy Seattle city? Get her this gorgeous umbrella-ella-ella, eh? eh? Get it from UmbrellaHeaven@Etsy for $30.00.

Talk about hitting the jackpot. This is a Holiday Gift Set from SassyScrubsAndSuch@Etsy. Within this set, you get 6 bath fizzies, three 2oz. scrubs, lip balm AND bath tea. All homemade, all gorgeous and all for a measely $8.00! The shipping puts it around $17.00, but even then – super score! Great for Mommy. Or yourself.

Got a stylish guy at home? Check out this really, really awesome belt buckle from MaxineDear@Etsy. They have TONS of cool belt buckles that fit perfectly into the dude-trends that are going on these days. And at around $22.00, they’re totally affordable without seeming clingy and psycho.

These should give you an adequate starting point for some Christmas gifts, and trust me – this won’t be the last post on gifts you see from Princess Bargain, I’ll definitely keep you up to date.


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October 29, 2007

Okay, I know how karma works. Yesterday, I admitted I sacrificed comfort for hotness…

…Then today, I missed my downtown bus [which usually picks me up about 40 yards off my doorstep] and had to walk a mile to the next one in some of the CUTEST shoes I own…
I know. The heel is super low, too! What the heck?!

But I digress… The Gods have shunned me for being so unattentive to my comfort zone. Literally. So this post is all about the best shoes for the inner-city, public-transportation, school-walkin’, trail-blazin’ girl.

Knock-Out Knockoffs!

These beauties are knockoffs of the famous Louis Vuitton Balmoral Flat ($600+), which features pleated upper with ribbon detail and the cutest 1/4″ heel. But don’t expect to pay massive prices, because Mandee has these puppies for the pocket change sized price of $26.00. These would have made my bus extravaganza a piece of beautiful, pleated cake.

Steal the Chanel classic look with these patent-toe quilted flats. Not quite spats, but the same class level, that’s for sure. Good under jeans or a skirt – or almost anything else! Find them at Charlotte Russe for $18.99.

Super-Sex Suede

A little sexier, with an ankle strap, these are beautiful winter-hot gray and the mini-heel on these (1 inch) won’t kill your feetsies. The soft suede is easily cleaned by wiping with a damp rag – so they’re not even high maintenance! Your wallet will thank you, with a price of $29.99 at Urban Outfitters.

Looking for something with a little more pizazz? Try these…

Hot to Trot

Hello! Velvet flats? In TEAL? Lace trim? These are so hot, it’s nearly unfathomable. Pair these with ANYTHING gray, or anything that you want to really POP, and you’re good to go! Find them at Alloy for $32.50.

OR… If you’re the kind of girl who catches the bus in sneaks, then brings the shoes along for the ride, you’ll need a fabulous bag that’ll allow you style AND massive function.

Paging Dr. Sexybag! Found at Urban Outfitters for $48.99 – $58.00.


Oops, I did it again…

October 29, 2007

I know, I know. I have a bad habit of abandoning you, poor cheap vixens!

It’s for a good cause, however, because I landed a job as the Arts & Entertainment director of a news publication! Go me!

I’m so ready to get back on the prowl… for cheap deals, that is. I’ve got some new tricks up my sleeve, new secret contacts, and lots of good finds in store for you!

I’ll give you a teaser tonight, as I’ve got much work to do and not much time before 6am tomorrow – boo! But here you go:

Last week, one of my fashion diva companions and I hit the *cringe* mall for some massive bargains… We hopped into Wet Seal because we saw the big, red words “LOTS OF SHOES” painted on their wall… I snagged these:

I know, I know. For how much? $26.50. Are they name-brand? No. Are they the most comfortable ever? No. But they’re HOT. Being a photographer, things that aren’t perfectly comfortable don’t bother me because I know I can slap ’em on a model for a quick shoot. I usually swarm towards comfort and style, but this time, I buckled. Shoot me.

I’m going nuts for shoes, girls. Absolutely bonkers. The sales cascading from fall to winter are immense, and delicious. Here are some of my favorites, tugging on the strings of my bank account.

These embellished flats are EVERYWHERE. The mini-wedge on these gives you the littlest bit of height, while the price stays NICE and low at $11.99. You can find them at GoJane.

Yum, yum, yum. Think of how great these would look under some slim, black trousers or jeans. Put on ANY silver-based sequin top, and you can go out on the town. Stick to black & white, you’re on your way to work! What could be better for $26.00? Find them at Mandee.

BOOTS. BOOTS SEASON, LADIES. These are gray micro-suede (translation: extra fancy) boots, and they are hot, hot, hot. Wear them over jeans, over knit tights, over nothing, over everything! They’re actually available in brown, black or gray – but gray is the color of the season, so snap ’em up for $47.99 at FlyJane.

You’ve got the deets! Now hit the streets.


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Going Dress Crazy!

October 3, 2007

I’ve recently stepped out of my daily-wear of bootcut jeans, flip flops, and clever/beautiful screenprinted tees and MK Olsen glasses to rediscover that which is the beautiful feminine embodiment of a gorgeous woman in a dress.

Mind you, this was almost a year ago, but it seems so close. Nevertheless, in love with these frocks I’ve fallen. Autumn may be deceiving when it comes to the decision to wear, or not to wear… The answer? WEAR! Here are some fabulous, budget-friendly fall dresses.

The colors of this ME V-Neck Dress ($26.99) are just stunning. The mustard yellow (which works so rarely) mixed with the earthy green are just gorgeous against ANY skin tone. These will give you an excuse to stretch the life of those wooden-heeled wedges from summer (preferably Chloe-style knockoffs, like the ones on the right [$19.99]). A thick wool coat or even a little swing jacket would be a beautiful punctuation to this outfit.

Lux Knit Puff Sleeve Babydoll ($39.99) would be adorable with some grey or black opaque sweater-tights and some little boots like the ones on the right [P-Hans Suede Bootie ($59.99)]. Keeping the shoes the same color as the tights is key in keeping your legs looking one mile long while the high of the heel doesn’t hurt either!

There will be so many more this season, I can’t wait!


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October 2, 2007

Fashion Prodigy of the Day is…
 Vanessa Hudgens who shows us that matching (shoes to top) is actually LESS fashion-faux-pas, and more casual-chic than we may have thought.

Diva In A Carry On shines some light on a book for you traveling women – and the price is perfect!

Pink Rock Candy delves into Simple Vera, Vera Wang’s line for Kohl’s.

Spork Fashion meets a designer who keeps night time classy, while remaining sexy as all get-out.

Fashionologie shows us a new magazine that may be keeping us on our toes!

Closet Therapy discovers a way to keep your uncomfortable toes from setting fire to all your high heels!

My It Things finds a book by Elle Fashion Editor, Nina Garcia telling all the tricks to looking fabulous.


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Twel(O)ve by Twelve!

October 2, 2007

Hello, hello, hello! Forever21 has debuted it’s new Ready To Wear line, Twelve by Twelve, and – might I just say, it’s fabulous! This is REAL fashion here, ready and willing to grace all of your fabulous figures for under $50! (Mostly.) With several collections, there’s a look for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of the separate collections and how you can fit the look into your wardrobe.

Keywords: 1970s, menswear, tomboy chic.

This is the Oxford Silk Shirtdress ($36.00) in navy blue. 1/2 sleeves, just-above-the-knee length, and a silk sheen that’s sure to catch an eye or two (even if they’re just your own). Pair with some classy, simple earrings and a pair of oxford-inspired, or wingtip heels for a classy but simple look. Unbutton the top button for a little whimsy.

Another spin on a classic 1970’s piece with Canaby Sweater ($22.00) in a mustard-y yellow, and the tie in front screams feminine. With a pair of classic Retro Slacks ($44.00) in a fine-lined plaid, or darker pinstripe, you’re on your way to the office with panache. These plaid trousers (from the same line) pick up the color and send you on your way.

Loving the Dandy Dolls line, but this is a killer, too:

Keywords: dark neutrals, gothy-chic, mostly black clothes

This is their Lurex Sweater Dress ($29.00) and it’s a strapless, 51% silk metallic dress that intensely bold, but neutral enough to really jazz up. Don’t, however, over-metallic up. A big set of necklaces with pearls or gems on them would be delicious for a night out – but for work, or day, stick to a cardigan or sweater over-top this masterpiece to keep it friendly.  Try this Peacock Necklace ($18.00) to keep the mystique.

This is a saucy, but still classy Halter Sweater ($23.00) which comes in black or purple. Paired with some slim jeans/sweater leggings and equally saucy/classy boots will arts-ify you as well as keep your intrigue boiling off the charts. Try these Pewter Ankle Boots ($26.99) for European glam.

Keywords: monochrome, patterns, babydoll mania

If there’s one thing this collection screams, it’s “PUNCH-OF-COLOR ME, PLEASE!” It’s begging to be slapped with a bright, beautiful shoe with intense, bold makeup. This is the Optic Printed Tunic ($36.00) which is so deep into the deco of 1960’s, it’s Edie Sedgwick-tastic. For that color-assault, try with a pair of semi-chunky, deco-style shoes, like these Seychelles D’Orsay Pumps ($49.99). Match with chunky bracelet and updo. Remember to keep your accessories decade appropriate, or extra-mod. Pair with mid-calf leggings if you’re a little more conservative. =)

To be really honest, this is the only idea I’m posting for this collection because the rest is really just about the same: black minidresses, and this “Optic” fabric.

Keywords: English country bumpkin meets London sophistication

“FOR FALL?!”, you might exclaim. Yes, for fall. No! You won’t freeze. The key is to pair these sophisticated shorts with think, black tights to keep warm while showing the gams. On top, a cute blazer over a tee would be PERFECTLY acceptable in my world (but other worlds may disagree…).  Try to put a thick-heeled T-straps of the same color to lengthen. Atop, blazer-wise, try Lux 70’s Blazer ($68.00) or something similar that’s just like it… (Shouldn’t be too hard to find.)

This looks like the coziest sweater anyone could have ever made. The Cotswald Cocoon Sweatercoat ($48.00) is so warm in color, and the draping is perfect for a smaller chest. Talk about comfort-glam! Pair these with a comfortable pair of bootleg pants and some simple flats, and you’re off to do your chilly fall errands! Maybe go to school on a day you’ve got the sniffles, or to work on casual Friday. The possibilities are endless! Try the dark wash of “The Flirt” Bootcut Jeans ($34.50).

And last but not least…

Vintage Couture
Keywords: Um… vintage couture.

Most of their non-skirt pieces are a little too pricey for my justifications, but if you’re really interested (and have some cash to burn, you vintage minx), you can check out the collection here.

As for 012 LUXE and REARVIEW, it looks like they’re still trying to round out the collections, because there are only a couple pieces to choose from.

Happy shopping!


Obi (me-)wanna.

September 25, 2007

The Obi-style belt came too early to our fashionable lives, as they were on clearance at Nordies and Macy’s about 4 months ago because no one was buying them. I remember seeing it and thinking “Oh, my. That is so cute. But… no. Well… no. Okay but… maybe? No.” It was something horrifyingly inexpensive that I passed up because I… just wasn’t sure. But the Obi Belt has matured, and now dances on the runways of some top, top, top designers.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua Spring 2008 Ready To Wear

Talk about defining a waist! These wide belts flatter any size (particularly a smaller chest!). The belt adds visual interest to the most plain of dresses. Even put it over a high waisted pencil skirt and a button down to get that super-chic effect. Try these bargains on for size:

Can you not see this over a sleek, white jersey dress? Red pumps? Come on… This belt is ASKING to be paired with something simple but elegant for a little sauce in your step. Available [soon =(] at Amici for $28.00.

Slightly more flashy is this obi belt which unfortunately I can’t get a picture of. I’m glad, though, because going to the site will allow you to see that it comes in SEVEN COLORS. That’s right, seven. A little more casual, but just as flattering and saucy. These belts aren’t stiff like the examples I put above (albeit, Alessandro’s are beautiful, too) so the comfort level is probably even higher.

Oh! And lest we not forget the lazy belter! There are TONS of shirts that have “built in” obi belts, like this one:

The cheat-version of an obi belt (which is perfectly acceptable when made with quality fabrics) is available at Fabe for $81.00.

Enjoy the obi-love!