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December 31, 2007

Please go to:!



Hot & Cheap is getting a makeover!

November 29, 2007

That’s right! This little brainchild is moving on up. Within the next couple of days, your browser will redirect to!

Don’t go there now, it’s a mess… But along with this move and makeover come many, many other surprises!

Don’t forget to take a looksy! You’ll be amazed at the deals!


Not it! Awww… Ya got me.

November 28, 2007

I’ve been tagged by Spoiled Pretty!

So now that I’m “it”, I have to indulge you by telling 7 secrets (…or little known facts, anyway) about myself, then tag 7 other bloggers at the end of my post! Here we go!

1. I am a classically trained opera singer! I was in training studying Italian arias for… too long. I quit because my instructor said I could never sing jazz – and if I can’t sing jazz, what good am I?! What good is ANYONE!? 😉

2. I started my first company when I was 16. It was a proud owner of a booking agency called Compos Mentis (which is latin for “sound mind” – I thought it was clever!). It failed after about… one year. Well, I had to try!

3. I am addicted to trashy TV! I love “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila”, “I Love New York” and “America’s Next Top Model”!

4. I read over 50 blogs per day. Not just posts, y’all – full on BLOGS.

5. Sometimes, I pretend that I’m a total gangster. Whether it be Chicago mobster (mastered the accent), or a chick from the Bronx (see above photo) – I’ve got all the lingo DOWN!

6. I not only sing in the shower, I dance there, too! Very dangerous – do not try at home!

7. My favorite food is “The Believer” (chicken parmesean) from local restaurant, 13 Coins. I’ll eat it any time, any place, any where.

Whew! I feel nude!

I tag…

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Twel(O)ve by Twelve!

October 2, 2007

Hello, hello, hello! Forever21 has debuted it’s new Ready To Wear line, Twelve by Twelve, and – might I just say, it’s fabulous! This is REAL fashion here, ready and willing to grace all of your fabulous figures for under $50! (Mostly.) With several collections, there’s a look for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of the separate collections and how you can fit the look into your wardrobe.

Keywords: 1970s, menswear, tomboy chic.

This is the Oxford Silk Shirtdress ($36.00) in navy blue. 1/2 sleeves, just-above-the-knee length, and a silk sheen that’s sure to catch an eye or two (even if they’re just your own). Pair with some classy, simple earrings and a pair of oxford-inspired, or wingtip heels for a classy but simple look. Unbutton the top button for a little whimsy.

Another spin on a classic 1970’s piece with Canaby Sweater ($22.00) in a mustard-y yellow, and the tie in front screams feminine. With a pair of classic Retro Slacks ($44.00) in a fine-lined plaid, or darker pinstripe, you’re on your way to the office with panache. These plaid trousers (from the same line) pick up the color and send you on your way.

Loving the Dandy Dolls line, but this is a killer, too:

Keywords: dark neutrals, gothy-chic, mostly black clothes

This is their Lurex Sweater Dress ($29.00) and it’s a strapless, 51% silk metallic dress that intensely bold, but neutral enough to really jazz up. Don’t, however, over-metallic up. A big set of necklaces with pearls or gems on them would be delicious for a night out – but for work, or day, stick to a cardigan or sweater over-top this masterpiece to keep it friendly.  Try this Peacock Necklace ($18.00) to keep the mystique.

This is a saucy, but still classy Halter Sweater ($23.00) which comes in black or purple. Paired with some slim jeans/sweater leggings and equally saucy/classy boots will arts-ify you as well as keep your intrigue boiling off the charts. Try these Pewter Ankle Boots ($26.99) for European glam.

Keywords: monochrome, patterns, babydoll mania

If there’s one thing this collection screams, it’s “PUNCH-OF-COLOR ME, PLEASE!” It’s begging to be slapped with a bright, beautiful shoe with intense, bold makeup. This is the Optic Printed Tunic ($36.00) which is so deep into the deco of 1960’s, it’s Edie Sedgwick-tastic. For that color-assault, try with a pair of semi-chunky, deco-style shoes, like these Seychelles D’Orsay Pumps ($49.99). Match with chunky bracelet and updo. Remember to keep your accessories decade appropriate, or extra-mod. Pair with mid-calf leggings if you’re a little more conservative. =)

To be really honest, this is the only idea I’m posting for this collection because the rest is really just about the same: black minidresses, and this “Optic” fabric.

Keywords: English country bumpkin meets London sophistication

“FOR FALL?!”, you might exclaim. Yes, for fall. No! You won’t freeze. The key is to pair these sophisticated shorts with think, black tights to keep warm while showing the gams. On top, a cute blazer over a tee would be PERFECTLY acceptable in my world (but other worlds may disagree…).  Try to put a thick-heeled T-straps of the same color to lengthen. Atop, blazer-wise, try Lux 70’s Blazer ($68.00) or something similar that’s just like it… (Shouldn’t be too hard to find.)

This looks like the coziest sweater anyone could have ever made. The Cotswald Cocoon Sweatercoat ($48.00) is so warm in color, and the draping is perfect for a smaller chest. Talk about comfort-glam! Pair these with a comfortable pair of bootleg pants and some simple flats, and you’re off to do your chilly fall errands! Maybe go to school on a day you’ve got the sniffles, or to work on casual Friday. The possibilities are endless! Try the dark wash of “The Flirt” Bootcut Jeans ($34.50).

And last but not least…

Vintage Couture
Keywords: Um… vintage couture.

Most of their non-skirt pieces are a little too pricey for my justifications, but if you’re really interested (and have some cash to burn, you vintage minx), you can check out the collection here.

As for 012 LUXE and REARVIEW, it looks like they’re still trying to round out the collections, because there are only a couple pieces to choose from.

Happy shopping!


Stripe Thigh-High Socks – Socks, Legwear – American Apparel Online Store

August 28, 2007

Stripe Thigh-High Socks – Socks, Legwear – American Apparel Online Store
Are you in love? Are you? ARE YOU??

I am. I don’t know what I’d wear these with, being I’m a curvy girl in Seattle weather (as these are runway bodies socks for Miami weather…). I’m sitting here brushing my teeth, staring at these awkward, yet incredible couture-seeming $15 ITEMS OF CLOTHING thinking… “Lose weight and wear? Or wear proudly, with my soccer legs…?” When they come in over 25 different color combos… This is getting tough.

If not just to surprise my boyfriend with, I’m going for it. They’re too hot to pass up. Dig in, girls, these are home-run steals.