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The Joys of a Tuesday!

November 28, 2007

These are Hot Kiss “Cameron” boots from Famous Footwear. Also – since I bought my boyfriend some hot shoes, too… Mine were half off because of their “BOGO”-style sale, weighing in at $22!

Beautiful payday was yesterday, providing me with enough money for Christmas gifts… As well as my annual Christmas gift – for myself. I’m donning these beauties today:

They’re Hot Kiss’ “Cameron” Boot from Famous Footwear. The best part? They were only about $22!! I know! Famous Footwear is having a delicious post-Turkey-day sale where, after you buy one pair of [well priced…] shoes at full price, you get the second pair half off! I suppose they call that “BOGO” or something, yes? I bought my boyfriend a pair of hot Sketchers’ Urban Cleats (I was impressed, since I wore Sketchers in Jr. High!) and so I got my little babies for cheap!

I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I’ve worn them since approximately 10am (it’s now 6pm) and I’m not dying, my feet aren’t screaming… They’re wonderful!

Everyone ought to buy themselves a Christmas present, I think… We spend the most time with ourselves, and it’s important to appreciate the things we do. Here are some reasons to celebrate yourself this Christmas:

  • Eating healthy, indulging every so often…
  • Going to school, work, or whatever it is that you do to sustain yourself.
  • Hitting the hottest concert and treating your ears to something you love.
  • Appreciating the environment and recycling, eating organic, or using sustainable products in your home.
  • Donating some green, time, or energy to a non-profit organization.

These are all great ways that you take care of yourself every year, so you ought to be treated well by the most important person… Yourself!

Enjoy, my lovelies!