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All the Sparkle, Without the Fade!

September 14, 2007

The sequin trend is back! And, oh, who could have seen it coming? Nevertheless, the demand for sparkle is high, and the voltage is even higher… But, if you’re like me, you may be just a smidgen uncomfortable hopping off the bus in head-to-toe sequins, surely blinding all around you. Don’t fret! I’ve found a few ways to eeeease your way into the glitz-fest without hurting anyone, including yourself.

Look for graduated sequins. This is a way to add the sequin-esque shine and sparkle without looking like a disco ball. It also draws the eye to wherever the sequins happen to be gathered most. Try this top from Forever21 ($22.80):

Only do one element of the piece in sequins. This is like the “tease” approach. Just having a hem, or a collar, or just the decolletage shows the eye a sweet peek of sparkle without giving it all away. Try this really beautiful satin halter tunic from Forever 21 (24.80):

BUT… If you are one of those dreamy girls who’s got the confidence of a bombshell and want to open up the world to your beautiful sequined bod, there’s hope for you, too. These dresses and tops below are eye-catching and saucy to the MAX. Pick one and hit the town.

This is a gorgeous sequined brown dress, and it has an oh-so-mod keyhole in the back, in case the sexy leg just wasn’t quite hot enough. Available at Mandee ($35.99). Pair with some nude heels to make those legs go on forever.

This peach-colored striped sequin tunic is screaming for a belt and tights with black T-Straps. Simple design, except because of the sequins – the COMPLETE opposite when executed. Available at Forever 21 ($29.80).

Alright, my sparkling babies, go out and shine!