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BAD Fashionista!

August 14, 2007

I know, I know – not a single post all weekend. The Horror!

Luckily, I’m using my valuable classtime to update you on yet another delicious facet of cheap fashion.

So, we’ve covered the pants, the shoes, set you up with a few cute tops… What’s missing? What is the world is missing as we enter this gusty, autumn-chilled season of Fall? Cozy, bold, warm and chic… COATS! Peacoats, trenches, bombers. etc! There’s so much versatility this year for fall coats, it’s like being a baby fashion junkie in a Fendi dollar store. (Ok, maybe not quite that good…)

This coat is so. cute. It’s the Military Jacket; – $29.99. Grey, single-breasted peacoat with two lines of buttons make for an asymmetrical look that’s edgy… but all class. This can be paired with a dress and heels, or jeans and a scarf; hair up or in a chignon, or down and a tousled mess. I. Love. It.

One of the really exciting statements for fall is BOLD COLORS. This is super great, because it encourages our beautiful selves to take a stand against neutrals and come to life with some color and pattern! That’s why I love this Maria Trench; – $68.50. It’s fitted, it’s fire-engine red, and it’s going to get you all the way through fall and probably winter, too. If not many, many consecutive seasons after that.

But, maybe you’re not really into the thick, bulky, long coat thing. Perhaps you’re a girl who’s in love with warmth-via-layering. WELL. These autumn months have brought you your very own, special trend: Caplets and swing jackets.

This is the cutest thing when put over some skinny pants and paired with a long-sleeved shirt that comes out the sleeves. You could even get away with putting a long chain necklace over the top for some glamour. Find this Lux 2 Button Swing Jacket at Urban Outfitters – $68.00.

It’s getting colder, so get out there, don’t spend more than you have to, and look awesome!