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Lookbook Ripoff #2 – Della Street: Sex Symbol

November 20, 2007

Penny Lane, Della Street, Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary… Smoldering examples of a classic favorite in style: The Sexy Secretary.

Today’s Lookbook Ripoff comes from MaxStudio:

Foxy, no? So all this stuff together is about… $400. Yikes. Shoes + Top + Skirt = that much? Miss Elle don’t think so. Let’s try something else…

The beautiful pastel-colored silk blouse above rings in at a powerful $98. We found lots of similar tops to the one pictured above… But Hot & Cheap is hot for a reason – so we found something a little less soft and a little more saucy. The metallic in the shirt offsets the matte look of the skirt and opaque tights. Plus, it’s just sexy. Find it at Mandee for $24.

Now for that hot, slimming pencil skirt. The above one costs $148, no thank you. I’d rather pay $20.99 for an equally hot, pinstriped pencil skirt from Mandee. Hits right at the knees and looks great with any heel. Yum!

Here are some black tights from Target – cheap to boot – $12!

And those shoes! Those fierce, fierce shoes… We didn’t really feel like spending $150 on a pair of hot’n’strappy sandals. We felt like spending $44.90 on nearly the same ones from FlyJane.

So instead of the $250 we would have spent on the hot lookbook outfit, we’ll instead pay only about $120 to look just as fabulous! That’s less than half!

Replace your office phone with a rotary phone, get some cateye specs, and rock this look, girls… Rock it.



Lookbook Ripoff! #1

November 13, 2007

Lookbook Ripoff is where I dig some faboo outfit out of some EXTREMELY expensive boutique, and copy it for super-duper less money. There’s no reason you can’t get the hottest looks for less. Damnit!

Today’s look comes from

Beautiful, right? Well, it’d better be for a collective credit card payment of $1,863!!!
OUT. RAGEOUS. For an outfit so simple, we should be able to whip up a doppelganger in no time.

Let’s start out with the allegedly $110 grey shirt. Let’s try this one instead:

This shirt is all about flowy-ness, so you may want to order a size up for sheer tunic-y-ness. My deepest apologies for the abuse of hyphens in this description. You can find this shirt for a whopping $13.80 at Forever21. Steal!

So instead of $158 J Brand black pants, how about some o’ this…:

While the pants from the lookbook might be courderoy, these slim knit pants from Forever21 will set you back only $24.80. They’ll fit super-snug into those hot boots and show of your glorious gams.

Okay, it’s the moment of truth – let’s find some boots that DON’T cost us $679… Hopefully, that won’t be too hard at all:

These hot puppies have a bit of a thinner heel, but the height on the upper will give that sleek, slightly equestrian look that’s so lush and classy. AND – instead of paying that huge, bold number up there, try only spending $30.99 at GoJane. A little less heartbreaking, right?


Bag & Accessories = $1000+. RIDICULOUS. Absolutely ridiculous. Try:

The BAG (previously $409):

Forever21; $10.80

The necklace(s) (previously $200+):

Lulu’s Fashion Lounge, $11.00
Bracelet(s) (previously $250+):

Lulu’s Fashion Lounge, 9.00

So there we have it. We’ve efficiently created a hot look from a designer lookbook. Let’s check out the price difference…

H&C RIPOFF: $100.89

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE designer stuff… but as a lowly student/blogger/photographer/newspaper editor – I just can’t do it. Does that mean I’m going to walk around in my PJs until I hit it big? NO! It means that I will CHEAT and FAKE IT until I’m super famous and fabulous enough to afford everything. 😉


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