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The Softer Side of Life…

November 20, 2007

There’s a fine line between Grandma-style and goddess-style when it comes to softer looks. A lot of it has to do with color, LOTS with fabric, and lots more with the cut of a garment. With metallics and warmth being the up and up this season, we’re really going to have to dig through the bargain bins for these – but it’ll be worth it for the feminine forms you’ll be able to create. Just don’t forget the stilettos. 😉

Inspired by the last top from our Lookbook Ripoff #2, readers and I
realized there was something to be said for soft, airy fabrics. So I
dug up some of the most beautiful, ethereal tops for heavenly prices.

Wool Cowl-Neck Sweater; Urban Outfitters – $48

Crochet Design Tunic; Forever21 – $16

Walter Silk Babydoll Tunic; Bluefly – $60

Kimchi & Blue Silk Dot Blouse; Urban Outfitters – $58
This one also comes in a beautiful blue-green color…

Lux Quatorze Silk Cami; Urban Outfitters$14.99
Super steal!! Comes in 3 other beautiful soft shades…

Chiffon Slit Sleeve Tie-Back Blouse; Urban Outfitters – $39.99
Check out the back!!

Whew! Well, that ought to get you started, huh?


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