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August 7, 2007

So welcome to the first post in the cheapest blog on the internet. Well, probably not the cheapest, but darn close. My entire goal for this is to show people (like me) that there are ways to look, dress, and get all the benefits from being a cover model while still being able to eat, live somewhere, and keep the collection agencies off your butt.

People (particularly women) feel better when they’re dressed well. It’s a scientific fact.

Okay, it’s not a scientific fact, but if you’re here – you probably do. When I see someone walk down the street and they look pulled together, it’s awe-inspiring. When I get to walk down the street looking pulled together and not frantic, it’s motivating to me to accomplish everything I set out to do and conquer the world. Everyone deserves to feel this way. If books do it for you, that’s fantastic. If plastic surgery does it for you – um, have fun! But beauty does it for me, so that’s why I’m starting this; to show people they can reflect their inner self without dropping a few grand on their credit cards.

Okay, enough mush.

Every couple of posts, I want to do a “Outfits for DAYS” post dedicated to those girls (you know who you are) who will look at a top or pair of bold pants and say, “Aww… _____ is so cute. But I can’t get it because I have nothing to go with it! I’d have to buy shoes, a top, earrings, a car, and a bunny rabbit JUST to be able to wear it…”

Fear not, you excuse-spouting bold-o-phobes. Trying something new doesn’t have to be scary. And a bold, new pieces doesn’t have to be a one-time-wear. Let’s see the piece of the day.


Creme Skinny Jeans!; $29.50 – $34.50

Oh, I can hear them now. “Everyone will look at me weird!”, “White makes me look FAT.”, “I don’t have anything else creme!”. Well, first of all, God help you if you try to wear creme head to toe – you need a blog much more advanced than this one. But additionally, these statement jeans will make you look more chic than “fat”, as long as you play your cards right. Then, you’ll want everyone to look at you, but it won’t be with a “weird” face at all.

Outfit #1: Dinner with the Girls
Now, I know I’m kind of foot-in-the-mouthing with the black & white here, but there’s red! Just pretend you’re a Chanel ad.

1. Wilster ‘Anna’ Bubble Sleeve Wrap Top; – $65
This top, you’ll use for EVERYTHING. It’s a wrap top with long, flowy sleeves – perfect for fall or winter; office or out; dinner or drinks.
2. Button Peeptoe Pump; Urban Outfitters – $39.99
Super hot 1940s feel – these pumps are stable enough to walk all over the city in, and the red is as smoldering as ever.
3. Vintage Ande’ Clutch; D. Marie’s – $29.95
Big enough for the essentials: cash, lipstick, cellphone and ID case.
4. Metal Bangles; Old Navy – $9.50 for 24
Can you BEAT this bargain?! That’s 24 gold colored metal bangles for under $10… Yes, please!
5. Star Gazer Necklace; Urban Outfitters – $18.00
Over a sweater, dress, tank, anything! Beautiful, long necklaces make anyone look longer – for under $20!

OUTFIT TOTAL (including jeans): $191.94

Not bad! That’s with two pieces of jewelry, shoes, a hot sweater and a handbag!!

Outfit #2: The Daily Grind
Skinny pants can definitely make their way into the office. You just have to look at them from a different perspective…

1. Tracy Reese Embroidered Empire Camisole; Nordstrom – $81.90
Gorgeous coral colored empire tank can work under anything – and is great for hiding a tummy.
2. ‘Shanna’ Jacket; Nordstrom – $198.90
So this is a bit more of an investment piece – but it’ll easily make it worth the cash! This light jacket will be just as great in spring as in fall! A belt around the waist pulls the focus up.
3. Oscar de la Renta T-Straps; – $53.00
Um, gorgeous de la Renta sandals for $50? Need I say more?
4. Amazonite Earrings; Target – $9.99
Talk about looking way more expensive than they really are! And they match the shoes PERFECTLY without being too flashy.

Outfit Total (including jeans): $343.79
Okay, budget-wise, this is definitely on the high end – but for what you got – it’ll pay itself off in no time. OSCAR DE LA RENTA!!

Outfit #3: Glam-gasm
This is the outfit you’ll make your deadbeat ex jealous with, dance all night in, and blow kisses to yourself in the mirror with.

1. Rebecca Beeson Tunic; – $39.00
Talk about hot! This is a 100% cotton racerback tank that’s MADE for tearing up both hearts and dancefloors.
2. Xhilaration Box Clutch; Target – $12.99
Talk about BARGAIN. This little retro clutch isn’t just cute as hell, it’s a BOX. So no worries about squishing some scrunchy purse between you and the sweaty guy behind you. It’s probably not a bad weapon, either. . .
Oh Deer! Patent Peeptoe; Urban Outfitters – $59.99
This outfit is all about being red-hot, and what’s more red-hot than some burning-ember red patent leather peep toes? Under those creme jeans, these things will make your legs look a mile long.
4. Wide Plastic Headband; Urban Outfitters – $1.99
The perfect tie-it-all-together piece. This brings the purse, the shoes and the clutch all together and heightens your hot-as-fire look by framing your face. Try leaving your hair down with loose curls, or pulling it back into a sleek ponytail with this piece.

Outfit Total (including jeans): $148.96
The cheapest outfit yet! The looks you’ll get will be worth every penny.

Stay tuned for more frugal style tips and more OUTFIT FOR DAYS entries!