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OMG – Christmas is Coming!

October 30, 2007

My dear friends over at Spoiled Pretty have discovered the ultimate Christmas present – on your face, of your face, for your face. Lots of face – and the price will make you smile!

And that got me thinking… It’s October 30th. One more day of this month, then it’s full-blast into November. Then… once November’s over… OH MY PEAS, IT’S CHRISTMAS.

Gifts, gifts, gifts – what an addictive game Christmas is. I love giving, like the good girl I am… But I LOVE GETTING, too… Like the good diva inside me, who’s fully healthy, as well. But the latter is for later. Usually, I make things for acquaintances [stories for another post], but I’ll buy things for the Mama, the Daddy, the siblings and BFFs. I suppose the ol’ boyfriend could use some Christmas cheer, too. Right now, I’m digging up some of the best gifts to give your friends and family while keeping the shiny dimes shiny.

Urban Outfitters has some GREAT gifts – but they get a little pricey. Here’s one of their more reasonable choices:

This is the cutest necklace – great for mom, or a sister. The little note inside says “I love you” and it’s a beautiful brassy gold. $24.00

One of my “Secret Weapons” when it comes to gift-giving is… (I’m nervous to release it to the world!)… It’s FULL (literally) of homemade gifts, clothing, accessories, and fun stuff. One of the BEST parts is that all the money goes to the makers – not the website. The artists and geniuses that make the products pay a small fee to list their stuff, then they get all the money from the sale and shipping – straight from the consumer. No corporations, no tax-fiends, no sweatshops… It’s like double-giving! Here are some of my gifty faves:

Okay, I saw this umbrella and FELL. IN. LOVE. Who doesn’t want a scarlet red umbrella? Got a fashionable friend/sister who lives in, perhaps, MY rainy Seattle city? Get her this gorgeous umbrella-ella-ella, eh? eh? Get it from UmbrellaHeaven@Etsy for $30.00.

Talk about hitting the jackpot. This is a Holiday Gift Set from SassyScrubsAndSuch@Etsy. Within this set, you get 6 bath fizzies, three 2oz. scrubs, lip balm AND bath tea. All homemade, all gorgeous and all for a measely $8.00! The shipping puts it around $17.00, but even then – super score! Great for Mommy. Or yourself.

Got a stylish guy at home? Check out this really, really awesome belt buckle from MaxineDear@Etsy. They have TONS of cool belt buckles that fit perfectly into the dude-trends that are going on these days. And at around $22.00, they’re totally affordable without seeming clingy and psycho.

These should give you an adequate starting point for some Christmas gifts, and trust me – this won’t be the last post on gifts you see from Princess Bargain, I’ll definitely keep you up to date.


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