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Obi (me-)wanna.

September 25, 2007

The Obi-style belt came too early to our fashionable lives, as they were on clearance at Nordies and Macy’s about 4 months ago because no one was buying them. I remember seeing it and thinking “Oh, my. That is so cute. But… no. Well… no. Okay but… maybe? No.” It was something horrifyingly inexpensive that I passed up because I… just wasn’t sure. But the Obi Belt has matured, and now dances on the runways of some top, top, top designers.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua Spring 2008 Ready To Wear

Talk about defining a waist! These wide belts flatter any size (particularly a smaller chest!). The belt adds visual interest to the most plain of dresses. Even put it over a high waisted pencil skirt and a button down to get that super-chic effect. Try these bargains on for size:

Can you not see this over a sleek, white jersey dress? Red pumps? Come on… This belt is ASKING to be paired with something simple but elegant for a little sauce in your step. Available [soon =(] at Amici for $28.00.

Slightly more flashy is this obi belt which unfortunately I can’t get a picture of. I’m glad, though, because going to the site will allow you to see that it comes in SEVEN COLORS. That’s right, seven. A little more casual, but just as flattering and saucy. These belts aren’t stiff like the examples I put above (albeit, Alessandro’s are beautiful, too) so the comfort level is probably even higher.

Oh! And lest we not forget the lazy belter! There are TONS of shirts that have “built in” obi belts, like this one:

The cheat-version of an obi belt (which is perfectly acceptable when made with quality fabrics) is available at Fabe for $81.00.

Enjoy the obi-love!