Hi-ho, hi-ho…

It’s off to work we go!

It’s winter here in America and if you live in any type of urban or metropolitan area, chances are good that you, or someone you know, use public transportation. I have a very good friend who buses to the middle of Seattle, then walks blocks and blocks to her high-rise office building. It all sounds well and good until you hear her ultimate downfall: she’s obsessed with hot shoes.

Why is this a problem? Well, no one in their self-loving right mind would feel comfortable (literally!) with walking 6 blocks in 3.5″ heels… So what’s a shoe-phile to do? The ultimate goal is either to a) find cute flats that are just as walkable as the are adorable, or b) wear sneakers with a skirt (EW!) and store your cute shoes in your bag until you hit the office.

No one who reads this blog should think B is a good option. If you do, you just learned something! 😉
American Eagle Mary Jane Flat

The American Eagle Mary Jane Flat would easily take you from the bus, to the streets, to the office. Especially since they’ll only set you back Stick them at the bottoms of grey tights and a cotton dress – it might sound like you’ll feel four years old, but trust me – it’s better! They’d also be just as cute beneath some slim trousers or straight leg jeans!

Lela Rose for Payless Addle Hill Flat

Are you into the menswear craze sweeping the world? Check out the Lela Rose for Payless Addle Hill Flat
which, with it’s pointed toe and patent ribbon, add some charm to these unique flats. Unless you’re daring, or some kind of genius – I’d just stick to wearing these with full-length pants… But the cut/color/style is up to you! God a wild streak? These come in fire-engine red, too! Why not grab both – they’re only $25! If you catch ’em on sale, you only pay $17!

There are some ideas to get you started. Also, if you are the heels-in-the-bag type of girl… Maybe you can get a pair of those flats for a steal, then hide these in your bag!:

Runner Up - Black Bootie

Runner Up – Black Bootie

for only $50!!!

So many options, so little feet!



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