Happy Thanks Day!

I hope everyone had a good recovery from Turkey Coma, or regular-food coma… Even if you don’t celebrate this American holiday – you should still pig out like tomorrow’s already gone!

I don’t have any fabulous bargains for you today, but I DO have some tips on how to take care of your delicate skin ’round these times!

My Skincare Bible

1) NEVER sleep with makeup on! No! Never! Even if it was an amazing night at the bar and you danced and danced and now you’re just so tired!! – Take it off, baby, take it off!

2) Stack your pillows up beneath your head at night – this keeps the blood in your head from pooling below your eyes which creates those quaint little bags we all love so dearly. But if you do happen to wake up with the puffs, just put an ice-pack on there for about 5 minutes, then apply eye cream or moisturizer.

3) To keep liquid foundation from running off (slaving over a hot stove, or an HBR…), mix a little waterproof sunblock in with it, then apply as normal. The sunblock also won’t hurt with all the reflected UV rays off snow, rain, and clouds this season.

4) DAILY SPF MOISTURIZER! Before bed and when you wake up. This is NOT optional!

5) Depending on your skin type, you ought to use a mild to meduim exfoliant every 3-4 days. This’ll keep your skin a-glow.

6) Steam, steam, steam! One thing I’ve been doing since I saw my big sister try it at 7 years old was “steaming your face”. You simply boil water, pour it into a glass or ceramic dish (maybe 3-4 cups), then sit before the bowl facing it. Tilt your head down over the bowl so you’re staring straight into the water. Drape a towel over your head (to keep the steam in) and close your eyes and ENJOY! It’s super relaxing and GREAT for your pores.

I’ll try to be back again this weekend with some good post-Thanksgiving bargains. This is my season!



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