Lookbook Ripoff #2 – Della Street: Sex Symbol

Penny Lane, Della Street, Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary… Smoldering examples of a classic favorite in style: The Sexy Secretary.

Today’s Lookbook Ripoff comes from MaxStudio:

Foxy, no? So all this stuff together is about… $400. Yikes. Shoes + Top + Skirt = that much? Miss Elle don’t think so. Let’s try something else…

The beautiful pastel-colored silk blouse above rings in at a powerful $98. We found lots of similar tops to the one pictured above… But Hot & Cheap is hot for a reason – so we found something a little less soft and a little more saucy. The metallic in the shirt offsets the matte look of the skirt and opaque tights. Plus, it’s just sexy. Find it at Mandee for $24.

Now for that hot, slimming pencil skirt. The above one costs $148, no thank you. I’d rather pay $20.99 for an equally hot, pinstriped pencil skirt from Mandee. Hits right at the knees and looks great with any heel. Yum!

Here are some black tights from Target – cheap to boot – $12!

And those shoes! Those fierce, fierce shoes… We didn’t really feel like spending $150 on a pair of hot’n’strappy sandals. We felt like spending $44.90 on nearly the same ones from FlyJane.

So instead of the $250 we would have spent on the hot lookbook outfit, we’ll instead pay only about $120 to look just as fabulous! That’s less than half!

Replace your office phone with a rotary phone, get some cateye specs, and rock this look, girls… Rock it.



One Response to “Lookbook Ripoff #2 – Della Street: Sex Symbol”

  1. glamour girly Says:

    Oh, I love it! Can you list some of the cheaper ones that look soft like this shirt that you saw while finding the rockin’ satin shirt?

    love your blog!

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