Hot to [Fox]trot!

So I’ve just returned from a beacoup exciting trip to Portland, Oregon to see one of my favorite bands, Cold War Kids. Just so you know, they were FANTASTIC. An absolute must-see/hear.

But while I was in Portland (PDX, as the kids say…) I was absolutely humbled by the street fashion there. It ranged from Chan Marshall-esque folk vintage to absolutely Beckham-chic. I, personally, can’t pull off the folky-vintage romance, but the Upper Manhattan housewife look, I adore. Unfortunately, my balance sheets feel differently.

My beautiful friends over at FlyJane feel my pain. They’re one of my FAVORITE resources for “OMG looks exactly like enter gorgeous designer here‘s pumps!” at absolutely eye-gouging low prices. Let me illustrate…

This is Christian Louboutin’s newest hot-shoe in Hollywood/NYC/everywhere, the FoxTrot:

Foxy as hell, right? Right. Christian Louboutin is, and will be forever notorious for the hottest shoes… Whew. So hot. And so is my accountant after I spend $710 on them. *choke!*

Alright, so you’ve seen the original, check out FlyJane’s shoe:
Um, spitting image, n’est-ce pas? I know, there are some bargain-haters out there that’d get all bent out of shape because “omg it’s a knock off. they’re stealing, omg.” Well, guess what – style isn’t about the brand that’s on the shoe, it’s about the look you’re projecting and how it makes you feel. So if that’s your outlook – “you should check yourself, forced ye wreck yourself”, as my Mooninite friends like to say. 😉 And the damage on these shoes? $42.90. Pick up your jaws, girls… Because they come in silver, too.

It gives me such great little chills when I get compliments on my shoes… And I get to say “Yeah, $43, sugar. Eat ya’ heart out.”

Go check these shoes out at FlyJane! I just peeped their site this morning (it’s a Monday ritual) and they’ve got a boatload of new shoes in! So go see! Git!



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