Okay, I know how karma works. Yesterday, I admitted I sacrificed comfort for hotness…

…Then today, I missed my downtown bus [which usually picks me up about 40 yards off my doorstep] and had to walk a mile to the next one in some of the CUTEST shoes I own…
I know. The heel is super low, too! What the heck?!

But I digress… The Gods have shunned me for being so unattentive to my comfort zone. Literally. So this post is all about the best shoes for the inner-city, public-transportation, school-walkin’, trail-blazin’ girl.

Knock-Out Knockoffs!

These beauties are knockoffs of the famous Louis Vuitton Balmoral Flat ($600+), which features pleated upper with ribbon detail and the cutest 1/4″ heel. But don’t expect to pay massive prices, because Mandee has these puppies for the pocket change sized price of $26.00. These would have made my bus extravaganza a piece of beautiful, pleated cake.

Steal the Chanel classic look with these patent-toe quilted flats. Not quite spats, but the same class level, that’s for sure. Good under jeans or a skirt – or almost anything else! Find them at Charlotte Russe for $18.99.

Super-Sex Suede

A little sexier, with an ankle strap, these are beautiful winter-hot gray and the mini-heel on these (1 inch) won’t kill your feetsies. The soft suede is easily cleaned by wiping with a damp rag – so they’re not even high maintenance! Your wallet will thank you, with a price of $29.99 at Urban Outfitters.

Looking for something with a little more pizazz? Try these…

Hot to Trot

Hello! Velvet flats? In TEAL? Lace trim? These are so hot, it’s nearly unfathomable. Pair these with ANYTHING gray, or anything that you want to really POP, and you’re good to go! Find them at Alloy for $32.50.

OR… If you’re the kind of girl who catches the bus in sneaks, then brings the shoes along for the ride, you’ll need a fabulous bag that’ll allow you style AND massive function.

Paging Dr. Sexybag! Found at Urban Outfitters for $48.99 – $58.00.



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