Going Dress Crazy!

I’ve recently stepped out of my daily-wear of bootcut jeans, flip flops, and clever/beautiful screenprinted tees and MK Olsen glasses to rediscover that which is the beautiful feminine embodiment of a gorgeous woman in a dress.

Mind you, this was almost a year ago, but it seems so close. Nevertheless, in love with these frocks I’ve fallen. Autumn may be deceiving when it comes to the decision to wear, or not to wear… The answer? WEAR! Here are some fabulous, budget-friendly fall dresses.

The colors of this ME V-Neck Dress ($26.99) are just stunning. The mustard yellow (which works so rarely) mixed with the earthy green are just gorgeous against ANY skin tone. These will give you an excuse to stretch the life of those wooden-heeled wedges from summer (preferably Chloe-style knockoffs, like the ones on the right [$19.99]). A thick wool coat or even a little swing jacket would be a beautiful punctuation to this outfit.

Lux Knit Puff Sleeve Babydoll ($39.99) would be adorable with some grey or black opaque sweater-tights and some little boots like the ones on the right [P-Hans Suede Bootie ($59.99)]. Keeping the shoes the same color as the tights is key in keeping your legs looking one mile long while the high of the heel doesn’t hurt either!

There will be so many more this season, I can’t wait!


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One Response to “Going Dress Crazy!”

  1. Chelsea Rae Says:

    Oh I love mini dresses for two reasons exactly. 1) I love layering them over and under pieces (under hoodies, over leggings/tights/black skinnies). 2)I find it hilarious how silly boys act when you wear a dress or a skirt (even when your legs are completely covered with tights or leggings.

    ps. your blog is great! keep it up!!!
    pps. the link is to my old blog not the new one. the new one is http://pinkrockcandy.net

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