Purely Trend Report!

Every so often, we’ll showcase a MAAAJOR trend and search the web with a fine-toothed comb to find you the runway-look for dirt cheap.

Today’s trend:


This one was a hard one! There aren’t many oversize clutches out there for under $100, but we found three beautiful ones that fit the bill (no pun intended)! These are a great trend, in my opinion, because – let’s be honest – you can’t fit more than a credit card, ID, and small wad of cash into a regular-sized clutch… WHAT ABOUT LIPSTICK? (If you’ll notice through the posts, anything that can fit absolutely necessary things and lipstick absolutely entrance me.)

Here’s the picks we (and be “we” I mean “I”) found:

Just your basic, everyday black clutch… with some ROCK AND ROLL METAL, OH YEAH!! I love this. It’s so versatile, but still interesting. Dimensions: 13.5 in. x 7 in. x 4 in. Not too shabby for Amazon.con ($28.74).

Okay, this ons is really cool because it’s convertable. When you fold the handle down, this Nine West purse is a perfect clutch. However, flip the handle UP and it’s becomes a regular handbag! And that black patent leather is to DIE for. Dimensions are 15-1/4″ x 7″. Available at Macy’s ($59.00)

A little bit sweeter, a little more glitzy; this is a cute satin bag with some diamond-esque rhinestones adorning the front. Better for dressier occasions, but any occasion is a dressy occasion if you’ve got the attitude. Dimensions are 13 x 5 x 1.5. Available at… Amazon.com ($69.99). (I can’t believe I’m suggesting shopping at Amazon… but, hey… A deal is a deal, right?)

So get out there, ladies, and enjoy this trend. Also enjoy carrying around everything you want to, instead of all that you can in a 2 square inch space.



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