Baby, don’t go!

I promise I didn’t leave you! I got an opportunity for an impromptu vacation before I go back to school and sit on 18 credits, so I took it! I’ve been doing a lot of researching and reading and have SO MUCH GOOD STUFF for you guys when I get back to a decent internet connection – I’m so excited!

A couple things I’ve come to terms with:

  • Skinny jeans are hot – but not for me. That’s right, I can’t wear them – and it’s not my fault! I’ve got a great figure, but that cut just isn’t for my Marilyn Monroe curves (look how I flatter myself).
  • This is the shocker: Mid-sized high heels… are ok. (GASP) I know, I’m the princess of the Stiletto Mafia, but they’re really… alright.
  • Trenches CAN be sexy. You don’t have to drown in fabric. Before, I used to think that they were just a great way to make your boobs and hips look bulbous and gigantic, but no! The trenches that people are coming out with now are just divine, slimming, and chic.

This one’s still a little difficult to stomach:

  • I can wear a short dress. I can. With my soccer legs and 300lb-legpressing calves… I can, and will look great this fall by pairing shorter skirts and dresses with opaque tights and heels (but no miniskirts, please!).

I’m only out of the internet-country until Sunday, ladies! Unfortunately, this connection is too wicked (the bad kind) for me to surf multiple websites for the hottest bargains, but soon! Soon I tell you!

Stay tuned for:

  • Info about how to join the sequin movement without looking like a drag queen!
  • WHY drapey shirts and dresses DON’T make you look like you’re drowning in fabric.
  • While TV is still the incarnation of the devil, I’ve got the shows that are worth tuning into.
  • The hottest new websites to scour for fabulous deals!

xoxo, babies!


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