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Obi (me-)wanna.

September 25, 2007

The Obi-style belt came too early to our fashionable lives, as they were on clearance at Nordies and Macy’s about 4 months ago because no one was buying them. I remember seeing it and thinking “Oh, my. That is so cute. But… no. Well… no. Okay but… maybe? No.” It was something horrifyingly inexpensive that I passed up because I… just wasn’t sure. But the Obi Belt has matured, and now dances on the runways of some top, top, top designers.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua Spring 2008 Ready To Wear

Talk about defining a waist! These wide belts flatter any size (particularly a smaller chest!). The belt adds visual interest to the most plain of dresses. Even put it over a high waisted pencil skirt and a button down to get that super-chic effect. Try these bargains on for size:

Can you not see this over a sleek, white jersey dress? Red pumps? Come on… This belt is ASKING to be paired with something simple but elegant for a little sauce in your step. Available [soon =(] at Amici for $28.00.

Slightly more flashy is this obi belt which unfortunately I can’t get a picture of. I’m glad, though, because going to the site will allow you to see that it comes in SEVEN COLORS. That’s right, seven. A little more casual, but just as flattering and saucy. These belts aren’t stiff like the examples I put above (albeit, Alessandro’s are beautiful, too) so the comfort level is probably even higher.

Oh! And lest we not forget the lazy belter! There are TONS of shirts that have “built in” obi belts, like this one:

The cheat-version of an obi belt (which is perfectly acceptable when made with quality fabrics) is available at Fabe for $81.00.

Enjoy the obi-love!



I’d like to thank…

September 17, 2007

It’s award season here in the ol’ Americana. VMA’s last week, Emmy’s last night… No more ceremonies until the Golden Globes on January 18th (followed by the Academy Awards in February). This gives us PLENTY of time to a) find a way to get in and b) find the PERFECT dress without breaking the bank!

…Okay, so the chances of us getting into the Globes is probably slim… But there’s no excuse why anyone should NOT have a beautiful evening dress in their closet. The biggest trends in eveningwear this season are classic silhouettes and old-school glamour. This means beautiful wavey hair and platform peep toes are decorating red carpets, along with every length of gown inspired by beautiful women from the 50’s, 60’s, AND 70’s. It’s a pretty wide range of possibilities this season, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t poor choices to be made! Stick to clean lines and black/white gown with gorgeous embellishments and glamorous details. Keep the jewel-toned dresses for cocktail parties and dressy dinners. Here are a few picks from the Emmys on Sunday night (Click photos to enlarge):

Even a very pregnant Christina Aguilera (the QUEEN of anachronismic beauty) looks freakin’ fabulous in a satin Valentino dress. The black on white style will never, ever, ever die. EVER. It’s too classy, and too good-looking with a pair of SUPER red lips.

I stand corrected! This gorgeous gown on Rebecca Romijn is straight out of the 20’s/30’s in vintage Guy Laroche. From the draping, to the beading to the finger-waves in her short blonde hair… This is a total winner when it comes to gowns.

A sorta-newcomer to the red carpet, Ellen Pompeo (or Meredith Grey, as we all know her) has totally nailed it in a black, strapless Michael Kors number. The elegant bouffant and the narrowed waist are totally punctuated with her already-beautiful skin and features.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what’s chic and hot for your next black tie event, let’s find some cheaper versions of these winners (brought to you by GoJane).

This is GoJane’s “Milan Dress” ($64.99), and that’s exactly where I see it. The clean white in contract to the black trim would look great against any skintone, and the tulle beneath the skirt is perfect if you’re waist is tiny, but your hips are a little larger. Wear with delicate (not overbearing) jewelry, and an updo. But really keep it minimal with the accesories, and pair with a simple black clutch and, if it’s chilly, an elegant scarf. Also available in pink (no!) and black with white trim. Show off those shoulders, girls!

This dress gives me the chills… This is GoJane’s “Radek Dress” ($97.99). Talk about Veronica Lake’s Oscar dress! Down the center of the dress is a beautiful rhinestone design that ends in a slit to the floor. The gentle rouching down the middle offers some forgiveness for not-so-tight-tummies, while the low scoop top shows off a beautiful décolletage. And do I really need to say anything about the back of the dress? Let’s just say… Leave the strapless bra at home. But if you’re really paranoid about freeing the girls, try this, this, or this. Also available in gold for no apparent reason.

1955, hello! I can’t get over this dress. GoJane presents the “Fabrizia Dress” ($68.99). A delicate white halter dress is decorated by a BEAUTIFUL wide lace “belt” around teh waist with a satin-esque ribbon to really cinch it in. This dress also has a tulle petticoat, but it’s not a show-y one. The only issue I forsee with this dress (or at least a hassle) is that the halter is a button closure, so it’s not really adjustable. But it’s SO CUTE and original! Better for a busty girl trying to keep the girls in line. Also available in black with white lace.

There are tons of reasons you can create to wear a black tie dress! My friends and I used to pool together and rent a limo to take us to town and just show up in semi-fancy places just to see the odd looks we’d get… But our attire wasn’t NEARLY this chic. Go find some places to go, ladies!


Purely Trend Report!

September 15, 2007

Every so often, we’ll showcase a MAAAJOR trend and search the web with a fine-toothed comb to find you the runway-look for dirt cheap.

Today’s trend:


This one was a hard one! There aren’t many oversize clutches out there for under $100, but we found three beautiful ones that fit the bill (no pun intended)! These are a great trend, in my opinion, because – let’s be honest – you can’t fit more than a credit card, ID, and small wad of cash into a regular-sized clutch… WHAT ABOUT LIPSTICK? (If you’ll notice through the posts, anything that can fit absolutely necessary things and lipstick absolutely entrance me.)

Here’s the picks we (and be “we” I mean “I”) found:

Just your basic, everyday black clutch… with some ROCK AND ROLL METAL, OH YEAH!! I love this. It’s so versatile, but still interesting. Dimensions: 13.5 in. x 7 in. x 4 in. Not too shabby for Amazon.con ($28.74).

Okay, this ons is really cool because it’s convertable. When you fold the handle down, this Nine West purse is a perfect clutch. However, flip the handle UP and it’s becomes a regular handbag! And that black patent leather is to DIE for. Dimensions are 15-1/4″ x 7″. Available at Macy’s ($59.00)

A little bit sweeter, a little more glitzy; this is a cute satin bag with some diamond-esque rhinestones adorning the front. Better for dressier occasions, but any occasion is a dressy occasion if you’ve got the attitude. Dimensions are 13 x 5 x 1.5. Available at… ($69.99). (I can’t believe I’m suggesting shopping at Amazon… but, hey… A deal is a deal, right?)

So get out there, ladies, and enjoy this trend. Also enjoy carrying around everything you want to, instead of all that you can in a 2 square inch space.


All the Sparkle, Without the Fade!

September 14, 2007

The sequin trend is back! And, oh, who could have seen it coming? Nevertheless, the demand for sparkle is high, and the voltage is even higher… But, if you’re like me, you may be just a smidgen uncomfortable hopping off the bus in head-to-toe sequins, surely blinding all around you. Don’t fret! I’ve found a few ways to eeeease your way into the glitz-fest without hurting anyone, including yourself.

Look for graduated sequins. This is a way to add the sequin-esque shine and sparkle without looking like a disco ball. It also draws the eye to wherever the sequins happen to be gathered most. Try this top from Forever21 ($22.80):

Only do one element of the piece in sequins. This is like the “tease” approach. Just having a hem, or a collar, or just the decolletage shows the eye a sweet peek of sparkle without giving it all away. Try this really beautiful satin halter tunic from Forever 21 (24.80):

BUT… If you are one of those dreamy girls who’s got the confidence of a bombshell and want to open up the world to your beautiful sequined bod, there’s hope for you, too. These dresses and tops below are eye-catching and saucy to the MAX. Pick one and hit the town.

This is a gorgeous sequined brown dress, and it has an oh-so-mod keyhole in the back, in case the sexy leg just wasn’t quite hot enough. Available at Mandee ($35.99). Pair with some nude heels to make those legs go on forever.

This peach-colored striped sequin tunic is screaming for a belt and tights with black T-Straps. Simple design, except because of the sequins – the COMPLETE opposite when executed. Available at Forever 21 ($29.80).

Alright, my sparkling babies, go out and shine!


Baby, don’t go!

September 12, 2007

I promise I didn’t leave you! I got an opportunity for an impromptu vacation before I go back to school and sit on 18 credits, so I took it! I’ve been doing a lot of researching and reading and have SO MUCH GOOD STUFF for you guys when I get back to a decent internet connection – I’m so excited!

A couple things I’ve come to terms with:

  • Skinny jeans are hot – but not for me. That’s right, I can’t wear them – and it’s not my fault! I’ve got a great figure, but that cut just isn’t for my Marilyn Monroe curves (look how I flatter myself).
  • This is the shocker: Mid-sized high heels… are ok. (GASP) I know, I’m the princess of the Stiletto Mafia, but they’re really… alright.
  • Trenches CAN be sexy. You don’t have to drown in fabric. Before, I used to think that they were just a great way to make your boobs and hips look bulbous and gigantic, but no! The trenches that people are coming out with now are just divine, slimming, and chic.

This one’s still a little difficult to stomach:

  • I can wear a short dress. I can. With my soccer legs and 300lb-legpressing calves… I can, and will look great this fall by pairing shorter skirts and dresses with opaque tights and heels (but no miniskirts, please!).

I’m only out of the internet-country until Sunday, ladies! Unfortunately, this connection is too wicked (the bad kind) for me to surf multiple websites for the hottest bargains, but soon! Soon I tell you!

Stay tuned for:

  • Info about how to join the sequin movement without looking like a drag queen!
  • WHY drapey shirts and dresses DON’T make you look like you’re drowning in fabric.
  • While TV is still the incarnation of the devil, I’ve got the shows that are worth tuning into.
  • The hottest new websites to scour for fabulous deals!

xoxo, babies!

Holy Cheap Find!

September 3, 2007

In the midst of my insomnia, I remembered that I tried a lip tint/stain for the first time on Saturday and REALLY liked it! Not sticky, not shiny, just a nice, deep, natural tint on the ol’ smackers.

So, I went to… Looked around, found one, laughed when I saw the price and headed on out to find a cheaper alternative. I stumbled upon E.L.F. (Eyes, Lips, Face) and fell head over heels in love. Everything in their online shop…. ONE DOLLAR. One dollar for all brushes, all eye shadows, all lashes, everything! And shipping is only $5!!!

So go forth and check out E.L.F., you’ll be glad you did!


Introducing: The Flat Wallet

September 1, 2007

Okay, maybe “introducing” isn’t the perfect word since these babies have been around forever… But I smell a hot trend approaching here. The flat wallet is like a wallet, clutch and compact organizer all mixed into one stylish little (literally) package.

On one of my photoshoots last week, a girl came up to pay me and she had the most ADORABLE wallet. It had everything in it – credit cards, ID, cash monies, and even a lipstick. EVEN. A. LIPSTICK. At first, I thought it was a clutch, but no, no, no (as Amy Winehouse would say). I’m sure her was at a few Benjamins, but I decided at that moment that I was going to HUNT for one. Here’s an example of a spendy one:

Lodis ‘Veracruz – Diva’ Clutch Wallet; Nordstrom’s – $155.00

Unfortunately, as an indepedent photographer and student, I can’t justify spending 1.5 Hundred dollars on a hot little piece like this. But you can see where I’d be tempted, right?

So I scoured ebay, I dished on Froogle, I went everywhere. Luckily, I found a SUPER steal at Target, from Isaac Mizrahi:

$15! That, my friends, I can do. It’s no sparkly green pretty flower thing, but I can suckerpunch that thing with some fake rhinestones or ribbon and make it just as good. I also found on ebay that there are a bunch of retailers selling various (yet small 4″x7″) flat wallets with very awesome designs on them from anywhere between $17 and $30 from a wholesale producer named Kristine. I hate recommending specific products from ebay because they could all very well be gone tomorrow, but I definitely suggest at least checking.

Oh! And if you’ve found any in other places, PLEASE TELL ME! I need to get my hands on one of these STAT!