N is for NEUTRALS!

Fall is coming! Fall is coming! That means there’s a slight, but noticeable shift in fashions. Babydoll dresses will start falling over thick tights, breezy jackets will start morphing into muted wool trenches, and airy sandals will turn to platform pumps.

Among all these changes, autumn brings us the beautiful neutral tones to base our gorgeous outfits upon. But wait! A new kid has arrived… um, … on the block. Next to cream, olive, black, white and sand is a long-underappreciated newcomer: GREY!

Grey is no longer the drab, boring color of my hometown skies – it’s the newest, hot shade for the land of neutrals! Check out these picks:

This grey top is the perfect mix of pattern and color. Because of its quick pattern and bold cut, you’ll want to keep the other components of the outfit pretty basic so the top remains the focal point. Paired with a muted red colored bag and jeans, you’ll look polished and modern. A deep grey necklace (simple circular pendant) and metallic black flats punctuate this set perfectly.

Metro Chiffon Top; Forever 21 – $17.80 Red Skinny Jeans; Urban outfitters – $68
Metallic Black Flats; Forever 21 – $12.80
Pendant Necklace; Target.com – $10.99
Heather Hobo Bag; Forever 21 – $18.80


Here we have some really basic grey trousers with a flat front (the ONLY WAY trousers should be, unless you’re svelte as a broomstick). They’re a little on the dark side, so pairing them with bright colors always makes for an eye-popping treat. The classic combination of blues and cremes gives a classy, yet sexy and youthful appearance. And the little creme clutch and pumps? That was just a compulsion. 🙂

Truck Jeans Grey Tab Trousers; Alloy.com – $32.50
Satin Tunic; Forever 21 – $14.80
Scoop-Neck Babydoll Cardigan; Old Navy – $29.50
Franco Sarto Cascade; Onlineshoes.com – $59.99


Now get out there, try adding some good ol’ Seattle grey into your wardrobe!



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