Making tuition REALLY worth it…

So we students all know that it’s extremely hard to be well dressed as a fulltime student while being well-fed and well-educated. Tuition is really *$#!ing expensive. Well, I’ve discovered a great way to invest in hot style without sacrificing your education bucks.

When it comes to handbags, it’s all about the clutch for painting the town red and drinks with the girls… But during the day while you’re running from class to class, job to job, from the office to the nearest Starbucks… The shoulder tote is booming like never before. Take a hint (a slight one, anyway) from MK & Ashley Olsen. Their bags are, quite often, larger than they are! It’s not necessarily “the bigger, the better”-syndrome, but a large bag ensures that you’ll have everything on hand, and the opportunity to look extra chic whilst having everything at your fingertips is only becoming more available.

Logically, you’d think “littler bags are already a fortune, especially for the hottest ones… isn’t a big one going to be a disaster for my bank account?”


There are tons of carry-all bags to fit your budget! They may not be made of the finest leathers or authentic cobra-skin (ew.), but they’ll carry everything you need – including your books. That’s right. Use this bag as a book bag during the week and a sexy handbag during your weekend shopping trips. Come on, any excuse to incorporate school into your curriculum-ridden school schedule is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

Here are some fantastic finds that will work perfectly in school, or on the streets:

1. Merona Tote Bag – Red; Target – $24.99
This bag is HOT. Buckles are also becoming really stylish lately, and the deep red color of this bag is noticeable without being totally flashy, and the richness is perfect for fall.

2. Grey Leather Tote; Р£50.00
Grey goes with everything – from a business suit, to a boldly colored trapeze dress. And the size is definitely nothing to complain about!

3. Isaac Mizrahi Canvas Tote; Target – $29.99
Metallics are HOT for fall – bronze, gold, silver, copper… Whatever it is, it’s eye-catching and gorgeous. This is a white canvas bag with silver metallic trim that will leave you feeling super-hot whatever you do.


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