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N is for NEUTRALS!

August 31, 2007

Fall is coming! Fall is coming! That means there’s a slight, but noticeable shift in fashions. Babydoll dresses will start falling over thick tights, breezy jackets will start morphing into muted wool trenches, and airy sandals will turn to platform pumps.

Among all these changes, autumn brings us the beautiful neutral tones to base our gorgeous outfits upon. But wait! A new kid has arrived… um, … on the block. Next to cream, olive, black, white and sand is a long-underappreciated newcomer: GREY!

Grey is no longer the drab, boring color of my hometown skies – it’s the newest, hot shade for the land of neutrals! Check out these picks:

This grey top is the perfect mix of pattern and color. Because of its quick pattern and bold cut, you’ll want to keep the other components of the outfit pretty basic so the top remains the focal point. Paired with a muted red colored bag and jeans, you’ll look polished and modern. A deep grey necklace (simple circular pendant) and metallic black flats punctuate this set perfectly.

Metro Chiffon Top; Forever 21 – $17.80 Red Skinny Jeans; Urban outfitters – $68
Metallic Black Flats; Forever 21 – $12.80
Pendant Necklace; – $10.99
Heather Hobo Bag; Forever 21 – $18.80


Here we have some really basic grey trousers with a flat front (the ONLY WAY trousers should be, unless you’re svelte as a broomstick). They’re a little on the dark side, so pairing them with bright colors always makes for an eye-popping treat. The classic combination of blues and cremes gives a classy, yet sexy and youthful appearance. And the little creme clutch and pumps? That was just a compulsion. 🙂

Truck Jeans Grey Tab Trousers; – $32.50
Satin Tunic; Forever 21 – $14.80
Scoop-Neck Babydoll Cardigan; Old Navy – $29.50
Franco Sarto Cascade; – $59.99


Now get out there, try adding some good ol’ Seattle grey into your wardrobe!



Stripe Thigh-High Socks – Socks, Legwear – American Apparel Online Store

August 28, 2007

Stripe Thigh-High Socks – Socks, Legwear – American Apparel Online Store
Are you in love? Are you? ARE YOU??

I am. I don’t know what I’d wear these with, being I’m a curvy girl in Seattle weather (as these are runway bodies socks for Miami weather…). I’m sitting here brushing my teeth, staring at these awkward, yet incredible couture-seeming $15 ITEMS OF CLOTHING thinking… “Lose weight and wear? Or wear proudly, with my soccer legs…?” When they come in over 25 different color combos… This is getting tough.

If not just to surprise my boyfriend with, I’m going for it. They’re too hot to pass up. Dig in, girls, these are home-run steals.


Style Winner!

August 24, 2007

This girl has got it DOWN. Taking a dress and making it her own with some espedrilles and a jewelry-free appearance. Simple and graceful. How delicious.



August 20, 2007

It’s secret trick time here at H&C. That’s right, I’m about to release an amazing secret that will make you feel like a million bucks while ACTUALLY making you LOOK like it, too!


Okay, so. What’s the secret to making li’l shorties look like they’ve got legs a million miles long?


Okay. But what kind of shoes?


…Oookay, but what kind of heels?!


That’s right! All it takes is a pair of creamy nude-colored heels to make anyone’s legs look slim and long. You can pair them with a mini-dress for maximum length. Here are some examples of these sexy shoes in action:

What’s the secret?! How do they do it?! Well, the taupe-y, skin color makes legs look like they just keep going all the way to the ground! The additional pointed-toe on Cameron Diaz’s pair further extent the leg (as if it were necessary for her) and add even more sex appeal.

Check these great deals out!

Two Lips “Tatiana”; – $39.99

Unisa “Estella” Shoe; – $74.99

Nina “Grazyna” Sandal; Nordstrom – $78.95

Another tip: the slimmer or more basic the shoe, the slimmer your legs will look!


BAD Fashionista!

August 14, 2007

I know, I know – not a single post all weekend. The Horror!

Luckily, I’m using my valuable classtime to update you on yet another delicious facet of cheap fashion.

So, we’ve covered the pants, the shoes, set you up with a few cute tops… What’s missing? What is the world is missing as we enter this gusty, autumn-chilled season of Fall? Cozy, bold, warm and chic… COATS! Peacoats, trenches, bombers. etc! There’s so much versatility this year for fall coats, it’s like being a baby fashion junkie in a Fendi dollar store. (Ok, maybe not quite that good…)

This coat is so. cute. It’s the Military Jacket; – $29.99. Grey, single-breasted peacoat with two lines of buttons make for an asymmetrical look that’s edgy… but all class. This can be paired with a dress and heels, or jeans and a scarf; hair up or in a chignon, or down and a tousled mess. I. Love. It.

One of the really exciting statements for fall is BOLD COLORS. This is super great, because it encourages our beautiful selves to take a stand against neutrals and come to life with some color and pattern! That’s why I love this Maria Trench; – $68.50. It’s fitted, it’s fire-engine red, and it’s going to get you all the way through fall and probably winter, too. If not many, many consecutive seasons after that.

But, maybe you’re not really into the thick, bulky, long coat thing. Perhaps you’re a girl who’s in love with warmth-via-layering. WELL. These autumn months have brought you your very own, special trend: Caplets and swing jackets.

This is the cutest thing when put over some skinny pants and paired with a long-sleeved shirt that comes out the sleeves. You could even get away with putting a long chain necklace over the top for some glamour. Find this Lux 2 Button Swing Jacket at Urban Outfitters – $68.00.

It’s getting colder, so get out there, don’t spend more than you have to, and look awesome!


What do I wear with…

August 10, 2007

So my dear friend, Jen, was talking with me today and mentioned that she had a dilemma. She bought these fabulous shoes at the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale and (while they’re sexy as all get-out) she has NO CLUE what to wear with them, except black & jeans. The source of the dilemma? They’re orange. Hot, orange, cap-toe pumps. So we got to talking…

A really, really hot fall trend is brightly colored shoes – but what the heck are you supposed to wear them with? I’ve debunked this mystery and have a few examples of how to highlight and flaunt your hottest hued shoes.

Enzo Angiolini “Katlyn”; – $98.95

Contrary to the “tan”-ness of the photo, these puppies are bright praline-orange. These are, in fact, the shoes my comrade was referring to. But oh, there is so much more than jeans and a black top in these shoes’ future… Let’s start with the basics.

Because these shoes are cap-toed beauties – you’re kind of roped into being classy. This sweater dress [Splendor Cable Sweater Dress; – $78.00] upholds the “classy” requirement while still being a bit edge and sassy at the same time. Pair this with opaque tights and those candy-colored shoes for instant head-turns. As far as accessories, stick to the theme and go with a long necklace that ends just below the bust. If it’s metal, go for gold, or stick with a neutral color like black or creme if it’s got enamel/charms on it.

Not into dresses? That’s fine. Herringbone wide-leg pants [Wide-Leg Herringbone Trousers; Old Navy – $25.00] are just as flattering (if not more, for your body type) and will work just as well with the brightly-colored shoe of your choice. Pair it with a neutral sweater in creme, or black to make the shoes really pop.

If you’re feeling saucy and plan to take your loud shoes out for a night on the town, don’t worry; there’s more out there than work-appropriate attire to compliment your shoes. The trick is to stay neutral; allow your shoes to be the focal point of your outfit. Too much color, or too MANY DIFFERENT colors will send you from smoldering to clowny in record time.

However… Pay attention to the hue and value of your bold statement shoes. Are they a muted color? Saturated? Neon or electric? Pastel? Also, pay attention to the palattes: nature-colors, water-colors, flower-colors, or cold/warm colors. You can play around with the colors that fit bot the value and palatte of your shoes. For instance, a night on the town dress would work as…

…This green dress [Patrick Robinson Drop-Waist Dress; Target – $12.49] in a sage green color. Why? Because the color is muted (looks like it’s been mixed with a grey or a brown) and is a solid color, as to not take the focus off your hot, hot shoes. It was tempting to go for a brown dress with that rusty orange – but remember that the shoe has a BLACK cap-toe. Bye, bye, brown. You will be missed.

Add to this dress a long gold necklace – plain and simple. You’ll add the rest of the glitz just by wearing it.


Making tuition REALLY worth it…

August 9, 2007

So we students all know that it’s extremely hard to be well dressed as a fulltime student while being well-fed and well-educated. Tuition is really *$#!ing expensive. Well, I’ve discovered a great way to invest in hot style without sacrificing your education bucks.

When it comes to handbags, it’s all about the clutch for painting the town red and drinks with the girls… But during the day while you’re running from class to class, job to job, from the office to the nearest Starbucks… The shoulder tote is booming like never before. Take a hint (a slight one, anyway) from MK & Ashley Olsen. Their bags are, quite often, larger than they are! It’s not necessarily “the bigger, the better”-syndrome, but a large bag ensures that you’ll have everything on hand, and the opportunity to look extra chic whilst having everything at your fingertips is only becoming more available.

Logically, you’d think “littler bags are already a fortune, especially for the hottest ones… isn’t a big one going to be a disaster for my bank account?”


There are tons of carry-all bags to fit your budget! They may not be made of the finest leathers or authentic cobra-skin (ew.), but they’ll carry everything you need – including your books. That’s right. Use this bag as a book bag during the week and a sexy handbag during your weekend shopping trips. Come on, any excuse to incorporate school into your curriculum-ridden school schedule is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

Here are some fantastic finds that will work perfectly in school, or on the streets:

1. Merona Tote Bag – Red; Target – $24.99
This bag is HOT. Buckles are also becoming really stylish lately, and the deep red color of this bag is noticeable without being totally flashy, and the richness is perfect for fall.

2. Grey Leather Tote; – £50.00
Grey goes with everything – from a business suit, to a boldly colored trapeze dress. And the size is definitely nothing to complain about!

3. Isaac Mizrahi Canvas Tote; Target – $29.99
Metallics are HOT for fall – bronze, gold, silver, copper… Whatever it is, it’s eye-catching and gorgeous. This is a white canvas bag with silver metallic trim that will leave you feeling super-hot whatever you do.


August 7, 2007

So welcome to the first post in the cheapest blog on the internet. Well, probably not the cheapest, but darn close. My entire goal for this is to show people (like me) that there are ways to look, dress, and get all the benefits from being a cover model while still being able to eat, live somewhere, and keep the collection agencies off your butt.

People (particularly women) feel better when they’re dressed well. It’s a scientific fact.

Okay, it’s not a scientific fact, but if you’re here – you probably do. When I see someone walk down the street and they look pulled together, it’s awe-inspiring. When I get to walk down the street looking pulled together and not frantic, it’s motivating to me to accomplish everything I set out to do and conquer the world. Everyone deserves to feel this way. If books do it for you, that’s fantastic. If plastic surgery does it for you – um, have fun! But beauty does it for me, so that’s why I’m starting this; to show people they can reflect their inner self without dropping a few grand on their credit cards.

Okay, enough mush.

Every couple of posts, I want to do a “Outfits for DAYS” post dedicated to those girls (you know who you are) who will look at a top or pair of bold pants and say, “Aww… _____ is so cute. But I can’t get it because I have nothing to go with it! I’d have to buy shoes, a top, earrings, a car, and a bunny rabbit JUST to be able to wear it…”

Fear not, you excuse-spouting bold-o-phobes. Trying something new doesn’t have to be scary. And a bold, new pieces doesn’t have to be a one-time-wear. Let’s see the piece of the day.


Creme Skinny Jeans!; $29.50 – $34.50

Oh, I can hear them now. “Everyone will look at me weird!”, “White makes me look FAT.”, “I don’t have anything else creme!”. Well, first of all, God help you if you try to wear creme head to toe – you need a blog much more advanced than this one. But additionally, these statement jeans will make you look more chic than “fat”, as long as you play your cards right. Then, you’ll want everyone to look at you, but it won’t be with a “weird” face at all.

Outfit #1: Dinner with the Girls
Now, I know I’m kind of foot-in-the-mouthing with the black & white here, but there’s red! Just pretend you’re a Chanel ad.

1. Wilster ‘Anna’ Bubble Sleeve Wrap Top; – $65
This top, you’ll use for EVERYTHING. It’s a wrap top with long, flowy sleeves – perfect for fall or winter; office or out; dinner or drinks.
2. Button Peeptoe Pump; Urban Outfitters – $39.99
Super hot 1940s feel – these pumps are stable enough to walk all over the city in, and the red is as smoldering as ever.
3. Vintage Ande’ Clutch; D. Marie’s – $29.95
Big enough for the essentials: cash, lipstick, cellphone and ID case.
4. Metal Bangles; Old Navy – $9.50 for 24
Can you BEAT this bargain?! That’s 24 gold colored metal bangles for under $10… Yes, please!
5. Star Gazer Necklace; Urban Outfitters – $18.00
Over a sweater, dress, tank, anything! Beautiful, long necklaces make anyone look longer – for under $20!

OUTFIT TOTAL (including jeans): $191.94

Not bad! That’s with two pieces of jewelry, shoes, a hot sweater and a handbag!!

Outfit #2: The Daily Grind
Skinny pants can definitely make their way into the office. You just have to look at them from a different perspective…

1. Tracy Reese Embroidered Empire Camisole; Nordstrom – $81.90
Gorgeous coral colored empire tank can work under anything – and is great for hiding a tummy.
2. ‘Shanna’ Jacket; Nordstrom – $198.90
So this is a bit more of an investment piece – but it’ll easily make it worth the cash! This light jacket will be just as great in spring as in fall! A belt around the waist pulls the focus up.
3. Oscar de la Renta T-Straps; – $53.00
Um, gorgeous de la Renta sandals for $50? Need I say more?
4. Amazonite Earrings; Target – $9.99
Talk about looking way more expensive than they really are! And they match the shoes PERFECTLY without being too flashy.

Outfit Total (including jeans): $343.79
Okay, budget-wise, this is definitely on the high end – but for what you got – it’ll pay itself off in no time. OSCAR DE LA RENTA!!

Outfit #3: Glam-gasm
This is the outfit you’ll make your deadbeat ex jealous with, dance all night in, and blow kisses to yourself in the mirror with.

1. Rebecca Beeson Tunic; – $39.00
Talk about hot! This is a 100% cotton racerback tank that’s MADE for tearing up both hearts and dancefloors.
2. Xhilaration Box Clutch; Target – $12.99
Talk about BARGAIN. This little retro clutch isn’t just cute as hell, it’s a BOX. So no worries about squishing some scrunchy purse between you and the sweaty guy behind you. It’s probably not a bad weapon, either. . .
Oh Deer! Patent Peeptoe; Urban Outfitters – $59.99
This outfit is all about being red-hot, and what’s more red-hot than some burning-ember red patent leather peep toes? Under those creme jeans, these things will make your legs look a mile long.
4. Wide Plastic Headband; Urban Outfitters – $1.99
The perfect tie-it-all-together piece. This brings the purse, the shoes and the clutch all together and heightens your hot-as-fire look by framing your face. Try leaving your hair down with loose curls, or pulling it back into a sleek ponytail with this piece.

Outfit Total (including jeans): $148.96
The cheapest outfit yet! The looks you’ll get will be worth every penny.

Stay tuned for more frugal style tips and more OUTFIT FOR DAYS entries!